Pinks and Snugs

Pinks & Snugs have put together a really jolly slide show for your perusal. In order as they appear the illustrations are concerned with every day topics such as:
Friendship and the Importance of it. Chocolates and the mess you can get into if not careful. How wishing for something exciting can lead to a shock! Phoning a pal wherever you are is always advisable. Be careful when buying a new pair – is all I can say for that. Hanging about is considered the best policy in certain circumstances. Lumps are a requisite when a panda. Shopping is only for heavyweights and those with commitment issues should leave well alone. More than one oven mitt in the kitchen is oddly enough, quite enough. For Snugs it’s a toss-up between football and tea. A rota is not always a panda friendly item. Views are wot you make of them. Watch out! For them, yes them two, Pinks & Snugs. Coming to a spot near you soon. Probably!

Pinks a shortened version of PinkietessaTM. Snugs is a Panda. She, for Snugs is a she, excels in a very black & white manner as Pinks’ sidekick. This naughty, cheeky panda is always up to mischief, more often than not helping herself into nothing but trouble. This is clearly evident in many of the illustrations. Avoiding the cleaning rota never does man or beast any good in the long run. There is little evidence in pictorial content that Snugs ever speaks but she can.

Pinks thinks she is the leader the one who looks after the wee panda but we are never quite sure who’s leading who a merry dance or who’s looking after whom. Pinks is considered sensible by contrast to the pesky panda, probably only because she wears clothes. They have been together since Pinks’ childhood – ‘cos there is documented evidence. Snugs arrived one Christmas and never left. A bit like some boy-fiends!

They have a plan to build a Pinks & Snugs Theme Park just outside Brighton (or maybe a long way outside Brighton like Bulgaria where a ‘no’ often means a ‘yes’!). They are saving madly. It’s that mad they’ve got exactly ten pounds, six shillings (in assorted florins) and nine shirt buttons. A fair(ground) way to go then!