PinkietessaTM just loves to roam about as an idea on a page, energetically representing a legend or merely a comment on life. She does not think twice
about a quick “PinkietessaTM Strip” fitting a story into two or three images. On the whole she lives as the single frame or a floating figure ‘holding up’ a descriptive line. In most examples The ‘jolly’ Pinkster Font is used yet again because ‘she’ likes it. This is a font devised by Pinkietessa and used regularly in her artwork. Hoorrah!

Many of the ‘tales in a frame’ could well have been taken from real life incidents, which is not that unusual, howevah! it could merely be imagined that the innovative broad just thinks them up. Mayhap they really are all made up from that brimming-ly imaginative bunch of wee pink cells – who knows! Conversely she coulda just thought! “F*©k that! Let’s have a laugh!” It is amazing wot a scream you can have with a pen and a bit of paper.

But it is true without doubt that Pinkietessa™ always arrives at a party looking like a dish and there is usually a reliable helping hand to ensure she does exactly that. Hey-ho!