Original Pinkietessa™

Original Pinkietessa™ is fairly self-explanatory. It is essentially an early less
sophisticated line drawing and was not always in colour but often black ink presented on pink paper. These early drawings are clearly the forerunner of the Pinkietessa™ character we see today. It is believed by all in The Pinkest Studio that Original Pinkietessa™ have an appeal all of their own, standing up perfectly well as a section in their own right. In this early format it is more usual to find strip cartoons and two framers, however the sing
le-frames abound too!

Hoorrah! for that! Say one and all. On the left of us are two nicely put together examples of the Genre. The top is entirely compiled of single-framers on pink. The lower form is of colour single-frames and short strips of mostly two framers.